Bill Kemp's publishing site

Bill Kemp is the author of ten books including Reality Check 101:New Paths for a Changing Church (Amazon), The Church Transition Workbook: Getting Your Church in Gear (Discipleship Resources, 2004), and  “Going Home: Facing Life’s Final Moments Without Fear,” (with Diane Kerner Arnett,  Kregel Publishing: March, 2005). He also has a six book series that deals with specific church growth and leadership issues. These shorter works include Ezekiel’s Bones: Leadership that Rekindles a Congregation’s Spiritual Passion, Peter’s  and Jonah’s Whale: Reconnecting the Congregation with Mission”(Discipleship Resources, 2007).


In 2016, Bill completed a novel, “The Exodus of Henry Defazio.” This romantic/literary fiction story is set in Pittsburgh and tells the story of a marriage that goes oddly wrong when Henry bets the family nest-egg on the exact score of the Super Bowl. Bill’s agent, Steve Hutson at Wordwise Media, is now out shopping this book to publishers.


This year Bill is been dividing his writing time between a historical fiction trilogy, set in New Testament time, titled Bethany’s People and a self/spiritual-help book titled Finding Shalom: Exiting Life’s Roundabouts, Walking New Paths. Excerpts of these books, as well as his previous works, can be found on this website.


A pastor for 31 years, Bill recently shifted into full time writing and consulting. He frequently presents workshops on writing, transition, and other topics related to his books. He lives in Penn Hills (Verona), near Pittsburgh, and is married to Karen and the father of two grown children, Matthew and Audrey. He is an avid photographer, traveler, theater nut, and playwright.